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Fresh & Simple

Nusara is a chic and authentic Thai restaurant nestled in the historic hearts of Christchurch & Poole, serving up expertly crafted Thai food.


Nusara specialises in the age-old tradition of Thai fire grilling, offering a healthy balance of Meat, Fish & Plant dishes to deliver an exceptional dining experience.


Led by restauranteur Andy Lennox, Nusara reunites a multi-award winning team: renowned husband and wife chef duo, Thai Select Premium Chef Thammanoon Thurasan and the eponymous Nusara Padungwang, and Acorn Award Winning operations director Sophie Cox.


Nusara is a haven for Thai lovers everywhere, a labour of love, born to give life to a shared dream of taking Thai food in the UK to the next level.


Nusara is about family, where time-honoured traditions meet the innovation of a new era.


Born in 2020

A decade in the making.

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